Root Canal Therapy With Trinity Endondontics Orlando

trinity endodonticsOne highly specialized line of dental treatment to retain natural teeth is endodontics. Endodontics is a treatment whereby damaged tissue of an affected tooth is removed after which root canal treatment is done.

Types of treatment:

Treatment includes teeth which have been fractured or chipped; teeth which have been dislodged; and avulsed teeth or root fractures. These are dental problems which can be treated by endodontics.

Trinity Endondontics Orlando is a dental facility run by highly skilled physicians. At Trinity patients are treated keeping in mind their concerns, and ensuring they get the best possible treatment. Trinity also offers specialized root canal therapy and other treatments such as:

Pulp capping – Root amputation – Pulpotomy –  Canal Preparation and fitting – Hemisection – Apicoectomy/Periradicular services – Core buildup – Apexification/Recalcification – Non-surgical endodontic therapy – Endodontic retreatment – Post space preparation – Oral cancer screenings.

To avail of any of the above treatments at Trinity Endodontics you can make an appointment. However in case of an emergency, you will be fitted in without an appointment.

In cases where it is not possible to save the tooth, other replacements like an implant or bridge may be considered. This would all depend on the other teeth, and what condition they are in. If dental implant is opted for, keep in mind that the actual surgery takes several months to complete, as natural healing has to be accommodated. It is also a complex and expensive procedure.


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